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It is only by calming the brain that is becomes possible to start to listen to your heart felt desires, messages, feelings and intuition. As your mind becomes still, shutting out any internalized chatter or consciousness of surroundings, it become possible to access the combined power of the intuition of the heart and the logic and focus of the mind.

The combining of the three conscious states of the heart, mind and higher consciousness in the physical world will bring balance to your life, creating a calm that life's daily occurrences can't alter or impact. Once the three conscious states are formed as a habit, external impacts will have a decreasing effect upon you.

The heart gives clarity to your desires making it clearer to identify our true intuition, thus providing the inspiration and direction to what you desire. What is contemplated most becomes actual, therefore it is wise to govern your thoughts toward beneficially positive concepts, avoiding any negativity like a plague it is.

Doing this exercise described in ‘The Power of The Heart E-book on a daily basis before sleep or just when you awake, or when meditating in a safe environment, the process to access the heart consciousness in tandem with the mind will require less energy, gradually becoming quite easy and almost second nature, even automatic when required. Enliven the heart intuition whenever necessary to solve issues, find answers and clear solutions to whatever you seek.

What the heart clearly wants it has the ability to obtain through power of focused desire, it is therefore possible through desire to create or attract the things that you truly want to see manifested in your reality. This is, as long as these desires are unselfish, don't impact others negatively, are of positive benefit, will enrich your life or that of others, are in every way non detrimental to everyone involved, or don't impact in any way the intricate balance of your world or relationships.

The messages from the heart are always quite intuitive, without being demanding or controlling. They will offer the choice that if you decide to follow them then the perfect opportunity that you need at that specific moment will open up.

It is an old yet true saying that 'the heart his the window to the soul'. This is an actual factual observation and not just a metaphorical reference. The meaning of these few words is of paramount importance, they concern the heart intelligence or consciousness as being the portal through which we are all able to communicate with the soul or the higher consciousness that we are in fact linked with.

Like anything, the more you focus on the heart consciousness the more prominent or stronger its roll in your life will become. Learn to focus upon the heart centre for ideas, solutions, or help, then listen to the intuitive responses that will become available to you.

The heart power once fully awakened is capable of realising the things necessary within your reality to make life wonderful. The heart will find peace within your world for you whenever you follow your heart's intuitive messages; as opposed to the trained logic of the mind which is focused on the material, were as the heart is focused upon the spiritual and eternal.

Continually tapping into the Power of The Heart will enable this state of heart consciousness to exist more prominently within your reality, until eventually this condition will dominate naturally as the most beneficial state to achieve. It will then be possible to be able to perceive more clearly the true value of what is experienced by controlling the creative elements that manage everything that is perceived.

Enlivening The Heart

Achieving your heart's desire is the key to living a joyful life of bliss. By following your heart you won't go far wrong, for linked to the heart consciousness are the desires of the higher self's conscious states.

Enlivening the heart consciousness then combining that with the brain's thought capacity leads to the strengthening of the total thought capacity which leads to the opening of full consciousness. This path of enlightenment or knowledge stimulates the endocrine and lymphatic system which together with the blood carry information to and from the cells, thus bringing the entire body into a state of true being.

Utilizing the power of the heart is one of the most significant choices that you will make in life.

It makes sense to listen to the intuitive messages emanating from the heart, for these contain the seeds for living a wonderful life if taken notice of then applied. At the very least it is wise to consider your heartfelt desires seriously, they contain the essence of who you truly are, as well as who you have potential to become.

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