'Unleash The Power of The Heart & Mind'

You Are More Than The Identity Your Mind Creates.

The Unified Heart And Mind

What you think about the most drives your reality; control your thoughts to manage your reality. Learn to Open Your Heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you in life.

The mind limits what is acknowledged to exist through determined perception, keeping the observation of the world to a basic minimum base of survival requirements in most cases. Moving out of the mental reality trap will enable a greater observation and appreciation of the true world at large, but also to less filtering and more specific view of one’s personal environmental reality. There is no necessity to manipulate reality, for with the unified conscious capacity of the heart and mind restored it is possible to mould and enable your own specific experiences with greater accuracy.

Many abilities that were once, or still are, attributed to the mind, were in fact they originate in or in conjunction with the heart. Whenever you consider some emotion while focusing upon your heart, if that emotion makes your heart beat faster then that emotion is controlled by the heart, otherwise the control is likely driven by the mind. In reverse you can control emotions or create situations you desire by bringing the heart into play. Some well known intuitive sensors are a sense of unease, sadness, love, hate, trust, desire for things, expectancy, caution, and so on.

The unified consciousness of the heart, mind and spirit is a natural state that the modern world has long since lost and rarely recognizes due to the hectic background noise of modern society. Constant distractions from not only technology but the demands of modern life, the structure of societies ingrained belief and control systems have shifted focus to a material consciousness. With so many distractions and disturbances available few can truly feel or connect fully with their intuitive self and their heart consciousness. Your heart consciousness is essential for your spiritual and emotion well being. Being aware that the heart consciousness does exist, then by taking the first steps to connect, enlivening the intuition and the heart and mind connection are the first steps to making life more wondrous.

By bringing ‘Heart Power’ more to the fore in daily life you can learn to accentuate the capabilities of your heart consciousness, thereby gaining better control over your environment, including how the environment interacts with you. Those near to you don’t always have your best interests at heart, but by using the Heart’s abilities you can utilize the power within your heart to control more effectively your external world than is possible with only the mind.

Therefore, combining the Power of The Heart with the Power of Your Mind to create your reality gives you tremendous capabilities within the creative process. With the unlimited Power of The Heart and Mind combination it become possible to control not only yourself but also external influences that have the potential to impact you in either extensive or limited ways. A Mind with the Heart unified overcomes the illusion of separation and sees the connection in all things.

There are many who don’t pay the slightest attention to their heart’s consciousness, or the true extent of the functions it fully plays in the in the body’s thought processes. Modern life and education are almost completely devoid of heart intelligence. When people disconnect from the Heart’s innate wisdom of Love-based thinking, the ego-based intellect takes over, and then revert to a survival-mentality based on fear; the solution is to move out of the fear-based mental state that you have been taught to live by, and move into the consciousness of Heart Centered living. Open your heart, so that in combination with your other thought centers you can truly start to experience and speak from your heart as well as from the logical mind.

A heart becomes closed off as a form of protection, at first due to lack of trust brought about by life’s experiences; mostly negative one's impact the most, leading to issues with thoughts and actions becoming more guarded and insular as the mind starts to take control. Life’s various impacts can cause defensive attitudes and a more closed way to interact with others and the world at large. This closing off is brought about by the various experiences that had undesirable impacts that lead to some form of subconscious self protective stance being formed, perhaps by being more cautious, less trusting, more dubious about others or the information they impart, less outgoing or revealing, more restrictive with what is shared with acquaintances, as well as less forthcoming in social circumstances. This guarded stance is usually brought about through some indiscretion or unwanted response by others that have caused a wary attitude dominating future behavior in an attempt to limit any future such occurrences. An enlivened heart is one that is fully understood by and in sync with the mind. Being 'Open-Hearted' primarily refers to not being closed off or guarded, but completely in tune with the mind and the higher consciousness.

Harmony within yourself and externally with your environment leads to a life of happiness; being at peace, calming the mind, enlivening the heart, being at one with heart, mind and spirit. Focusing on the heart and utilizing its potential to enliven your life will expand your interaction with the world and those you interact with; thus creating potential for a blissful existence.

Don’t live a normal life by default, push the boundaries of your potential. Utilizing the Power of Your Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.

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